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The Body Is In Charge

Lessons from the full body dissection experience

By David Kent, LMT, NCTMB

There are five senses we learn from: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory. Everyone learns differently. I am primarily a visual and kinesthetic learner. The first time I learned about fascia, muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and adipose in massage school, I processed the information by asking myself several questions: What do these structures look like? What do they feel like? And is it possible for me to see them? Lastly, where could I – a naive massage therapy student – find the answers to these questions? This was, after all, 15 years ago, when massage therapy instruction was slightly less sophisticated. I didn’t know, so I improvised.

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David Kent – Massage Today: The Body Is In Charge (02/07)

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  1. Speaking of anomolies. I had left glut and thigh pain, that caused a limp (presumed due to ligament laxicity) while pregnant with my second child. At age 40 I had a horseback riding incident in which I had soft tissue damage to left glut pain that progressed to include thigh pain. 5 yrs of subsequent intermittent dexamethasone injections to the glut, massage every two weeks, chiropractor every 3 weeks, yoga classes 5-7 days/wk, stretching 3 times a day did not resolve the problem. MRI of low back and hip were negative. I finally agreed to allow orthopedist to perform a piriformis muscle release. He performed the release. The muscle was “5 times the usual size,” and the sciactic nerve ran through the muscle. He resected the muscle to reduce the size. He says it was a congenital anomoly. Yes, my pain was greatly reduced, and 3 yrs later I have pain around the purple scar. Discouraged, I then found my way to an acupunturist. She said the scar is toxic. I currently have pain 24/7. Interestingly (but unfortunate), the daughter I carried during that pregnancy (now 17 yrs old) is a long distance runner (10 miles 6 days/wk) and suffers the same symptoms on the left glut and thigh. Of course I do not want to explore surgery. She has recently had to reduce her distance running due to the pain. Do you know of any massage therapists in the Atlanta area that may have had success with these types of issues? We live in Fayetteville, which is south of Atlanta.

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