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Biofreeze Locator – Where To Buy – Practice Building Tool

The Biofreeze Where to buy Locator is a free practice building tool. Consumers visit, enter their zip code and your location appears on a map. Watch as David Kent tells you about the Biofreeze Locator.

Healthcare care providers that would benefit include: Medical Doctors (MD), Chiropractors (DC), Physical Therapists (PT), Occupational Therapists (OT), Massage Therapists (MT)

Watch videos to learn more:
Biofreeze CounterTop Display Case – video 1
Biofreeze Counter Top Display Case – video 2
Customized Biofreeze Brochure with Sample Pack – video 1
Customized Biofreeze Brochure with Sample Pack – video 2

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David Kent live interview on MassageTherapy

Click here to download the handout, which includes posture and trigger point references.

Join David Kent for this live entertaining interview Thursday, April 23rd at 9PM EST on, where he will discuss tips and techniques for working with clients who suffer from shoulder pain. Debilitating pain and limited range-of-movement of the shoulder are often connected with neck pain, headaches and conditions like rotator cuff injures, thoracic outlet syndrome, tennis or golfers elbow and carpel tunnel syndrome. Knowing how to assess and develop an effective treatment plan is key. The shoulder plays a major roll during most activities so understanding the form and function of the shoulder is critical to providing quality treatment.

David is avalable for your questions during this live interview via streaming audio online or over the phone Thursday, April 23, 30, May 28 at 9PM ET. Go to and sign up today for notification on the broadcasts and to view the scheduled training call information.

This broadcast is entitled “Shouldering the Pain: Tips and Techniques”. David will be teaching this class at the 2009 FSMTA Convention.

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Tax Tips Save Massage Therapists Money

David Kent interviews Jennifer Grant, CPA, LMT; take a few minutes to listen as they discuss the three ways a massage therapist can save money at tax time. Learn how you can take or increase your work related milage deductions. They discuss how to Keep it, Document it and Store it. David and Jennifer use everyday examples therapist encounter.

Click play ↓ to listen.

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Dissection Seminar Video: Interviews with Students and Staff

Watch a video overview from the Full Body Dissection Seminar at the University of South Florida (USF) College of Medicine. The video contains testimonials from students including massage therapists and acupuncture therapists, as well as David Kent and Don Kelley. They describe how the dissection techniques learned in this class benefit their daily practices and therapy.

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Dissection Seminar, Table 4

Join us inside the lab at the Full Body Dissection Seminar for a table-side discussion. Table 4 examines differences from one cadaver to another, muscles of mastication, positional attachment awareness, better structural location, and emphysema of the lungs.

Click play ↓ to listen.