Posture Charts

  • Who sells a posture chart?

    Large / Wall – Posture Analysis Chart

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  • Space Saver / Door – Postural Assessment Grid Chart

    Sale! $140.00 $110.00

Postural Analysis Grid Chart

Perform Postural Assessments quick and easy. Use photos as an educational resource for explaining to patients their symptoms, the rationale behind proposed treatments and document change over time with a posture chart.


  • Made of a durable, flexible, white material.
  • Matte (non-glossy) finish to minimize glare.
  • Gridline pattern 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm (.99 in x .99 in)
  • Available in wall and door size.
  • Instructions and checklists printed on the chart.
  • The same information is on both charts.


  • Quickly identify asymmetries and imbalances
  • Restricted Range Of Motion (ROM)
  • Assess, treat, document and educate patients
  • Take Before and After photos.
  • Use a smartphone, iPhone, tablet or iPad.
  • Simply point and click.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • No software to purchase, install, learn or upgrade.


The Wall chart is 33 x 84 inches (85 x 213 cm).

The Door chart is 23.5 x 78.5 inches (60 x 200 cm)

Available Add-ons

Plumb Bob Kit – Ensure the patient is accurately positioned and photos are taken from the correct angle. The Plumb Bob Kit includes a Plumb Bob attached to a 15-foot braided line (red) with ceiling anchors and hooks. Includes everything to get started immediately.

Plumb Bob kit for Postural Assessment Grid Chart by Kent Health Systems

Grommets – Six (6) Grommets with Brass Finish; positioned three (3) along the top and three (3) along the bottom of the chart.