Head and Neck Trigger Point Chart

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Quickly identify complicated myofascial trigger point pain patterns in the head and neck regions. 10 Pain Referral Areas are labeled, color-coded and cross-referenced with 37 muscles, showing 57 Trigger Point (TrP) locations and the associated pain patterns.


Four columns group muscles by compartment or action. Posterior cervical (Column #1), Muscles of mastication (Column #2), Muscles of facial expression (Column #3), Lateral and Anterior cervical (Column #4).

Muscles are displayed in columns superficial to deep.


Head and Neck – Trigger Point Wall Chart

Columns group muscles by region.

  • Column 1 = Posterior cervical muscles
  • Column 2 = Anterior & lateral cervical muscles
  • Column 3 = Muscles of mastication / TMJ
  • Column 4 = Muscles of fascial expression
  • Muscles are arranged in columns superficial to deep

10 Pain referral areas:

  • Vertex Pain
  • Back of Head Pain
  • Temporal Headache
  • Frontal Headache
  • Ear and Temporomandibular Pain
  • Eye and Eyebrow Pain
  • Cheek and Jaw Pain
  • Toothache
  • Back of Neck Pain
  • Throat and Front of Neck Pain

37 Muscles color-coded and cross-referenced to pain referral areas

57 Trigger Point (TrP) locations and associated pain patterns

Quickly identify information using Regional Body Color Codes. The Body Region Color Code is uniform across the entire Kent Health Systems product line.


Referral Areas and Trigger Points

  • Color-coded with related muscles in each column using colored squares.
  • Cross-referenced in lists of related muscles based on the research of Drs. Simons and Travell.



  • Columns logically organize muscles by compartment, region and or action.
  • Columns display muscles superficial to deep.




Full color, anatomically images makes patient education quick and easy. Show the “cause” and “effect” of referred pain from myofascial trigger Points. “X” indicates the common location of trigger points. Red indicates the pain referral zones. Solid red indicates essential trigger points and stippled red areas indicate spillover patterns.

These charts make it quick, easy and painless to customized treatment plans, prepare reports and SOAP notes.

Body Region Color Code

  • Blue = Head & Neck
  • Purple = Spine, Thorax & Abdomen
  • Green = Upper Extremity
  • Red = Lower Extremity



Width: 23 inched / 58.5 Centimeter

Height: 32 inches  /  81 Centimeter

Laminated for protection


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