Educator Value Pack


Trigger Point Flip Chart and Trigger Point 5 Chart Wall Set

Flip Chart - Trigger Point

The most comprehensive myofascial trigger point pain referral flip chart on the market. 6 charts in 1 - Myofascial Trigger Points (4), Joint Range of Motion (ROM) and Postural Analysis sections. Logically organized, color coded, laminated for durability and printed in full color. Quickly assess, document, educate and treat.

Trigger Point Charts (5 Chart Set)

The Kent Trigger Point Wall Charts are the most comprehensive on the market. Designed for you to quickly assess, educate, document and treat patients’ suffering from myofascial pain without the need for memorization.

The Trigger Point Wall Chart Set includes four myofascial Trigger Point charts and a Muscle Movement / Range of Motion chart. Trigger Points are color coded, cross-referenced and listed by Pain Referral Areas. Columns logically organize muscles by compartment, displaying them superficial to deep.


1 – Flip Chart

1 – Trigger Point Wall Chart – Head and Neck

1 – Trigger Point Wall Chart – Spine, Thorax and Abdomen

1 – Trigger Point Wall Chart – Upper Extremity

1 – Trigger Point Wall Chart – Lower Extremity

1 – Muscle Movement / Joint Range of Motion Chart