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Comfort Craft Massage Table Model 800 Features & Benefits

David Kent uses Comfort Craft massage tables in each of his treatment rooms.

Take a video tour as David shows you the features and benefits of the Comfort Craft Model 800 Massage Table. Learn about the:

  • Comfort Conforming Face Cradle With Gliding Action prevents compression of the cervical spine. The face cradle can be set to any angle and when not in use can be quickly repositioned under the table.
  • Adjustable Arm Rest provides comfort at any angle. Multiple adjustments points gives you the ability to make the modifications for short or tall individuals .
  • Foot Controls allow you to easily adjust your table height and the angle of the mid-split table top throughout the treatment. There are two sets of foot controls, one set on each side of the table.
  • Treatment Stool with Large Wheels provides a solid base and lets the therapist position to the perfect angle throughout the treatment. Single hand lever allow for quick and easy height adjustment.
  • Side Lying Treatment Tips and Benefits
  • Prone Treatment Tips and Benefits

To receive additional information about the Comfort Craft Model 800 Click Here or call Jim Craft at 800-858-2838