Athletic Trainer

Every athlete is on a mission to achieve their maximum potential. Attaining a new milestone puts extreme demands on the body, whether that milestone is a personal best, a world record, or a full recovery from an injury. We all have to operate at our optimum to be successful. Asymmetries, imbalances, limited range-of-motion, poor posture, and pain all detract from that mission. Once restrictions and pain are gone, the athlete can attain their best performance without injury.

Precise assessment, treatment, documentation, and education are critical components of success, regardless of the setting; high school, college, university, professional sports team, hospital, rehabilitation clinic, physicians’ office, corporate and industrial institution, the military, and the performing arts.

Kent Postural Assessment and Myofascial Trigger Point charts are the perfect solution for clinical evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. The charts integrate perfectly into Injury Prevention, Professional Health, and Well-being programs.

Postural assessment shouldn’t be hard, in fact, it can be fast and simple. The posture chart enables a myriad of important metrics: static and dynamic posture, bilateral symmetry, range-of-motion (ROM), flexibility, and body composition.  Posture photos bring a new meaning to the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Pictures and videos are great ways to document progress.

Believe it or not, diagnosing soft tissue pain can also be simple and straightforward. Kent Trigger point charts help precisely locate, treat, and document trigger points and their associated pain patterns with ease. When imaging and tests are negative, they provide comprehensive, research-based anatomical information to address soft tissue pain. These Myofascial Trigger Points Posters are the most comprehensive, organized, and easy to reference in the market. The charts make it easy to identify the origin of soft tissue pain.

When the health and performance of our athletes is the primary goal, we need the absolute best tools available to guarantee results. These products help to maximize outcomes and keep all athletes functioning at peak performance, and living pain free.