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Flip Chart - Trigger Point - 2nd Edition

The most comprehensive myofascial trigger point pain referral flip chart on the market.

$245 $199
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Trigger Point Charts (5 Chart Set)

The Kent Trigger Point Wall Charts are the most comprehensive on the market.

$210 $170
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Large / Wall - Posture Analysis Chart

The Postural Analysis Grid Chart is an assessment, documentation and patient education tool.

$140 $110
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Trigger Point Chart | Can Yoga Help Your Back Pain?

If you suffer from trigger points in your back, yoga can be an effective alternative to pain medication. In fact, new research finds that yoga can be as safe and effective as physical therapy in easing pain. However, most people are still unaware that yoga can help with trigger points. Below are three yoga poses that […]

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Posture Chart | Forward Head Posture

Forward head posture is the anterior positioning of the cervical spine. It is a posture problem that is caused by several factors including sleeping with the head elevated too high, extended use of computers and cell phones, lack of developed back muscle strength and lack of nutrients such as calcium. Forward head posture can cause […]

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Postural Analysis | TMJ Dysfunction and Forward Head Posture

If you suffer from TMJ syndrome you already know some of the more common symptoms. Did you know though, that problems with your TMJ can be directly related to your posture? Believe it or not, the way you sit or stand can have a direct effect on your TMJ. Let’s take a look at the […]

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