CranioCradle Option for Patient Self-Care

David Kent reviews the CranioCradle. He explains the benefits of the CranioCradle for massage therapists educating patients of self care tips to relieve tense muscle pain in a natural and healthy way. David also demonstrates how he uses the CranioCradle.

The CranioCradle™ is an easy to use natural health care product that gently relieves stress, tension and pain so you can thoroughly relax.

The CranioCradle™ encourages joints to decompress and cramped tense muscles to gently release. It creates a positive effect on the central nervous system allowing your body to discover its natural healing potential.

It’s design and applications are based on the hands-on modalities of osteopathy, massage and CranioSacral Therapy. It feels and functions like skilled therapeutic hands underneath the body. Its soft foam and specific design gives both comfort and relief.

The CranioCradle™ is designed to be placed under the back of the head, neck and body at specific locations in a specialized way. See How-to Use Video for step by step instructions.

Each CranioCradle™ application has unique abilities to release pain and dysfunction in the body. In general, the CranioCradle™ helps relieve stress, tension, muscle tension in the neck and shoulders and low back.

Using two CranioCradles™ at the same time synchronizes your body from your head and neck to your low back allowing your body to rest, regenerate and relieve itself of pain and discomfort naturally.

For most applications, it is best to use the CranioCradle™ on a soft surface such as a bed, sofa or massage table. But for releasing Trigger Points (muscle hot spots), you might try a firmer surface, such as the floor.

Every time you use the CranioCradle™ your experience may be a little different. Select the application that best suits your needs and then relax. The CranioCradle™ will work with your body to ease your stress, tension and pain.

Paitents use the CranioCradle to relieve the stress of daily life, relax tired muscles, relieve tension, and restore the body to a deep state of comfort.

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