David Kent talks about Headaches on World Massage Conference .com

Join David Kent for this live entertaining interview Wednesday, October 28th at 8PM EST on www.worldmassageconference.com, David discusses the topic of headaches with passion after suffering for over 20 years with debilitating headachs and neck pain. David’s interviews are are filled with tips and techniques that you can use immediately.

Surveys indicate that 55% of headache sufferers are frustrated with their ineffective medical treatment. A solid understanding of the muscular components of headaches and neck pain and how to quickly address them will give you the ability to promote your skills to this lucrative market. David discusses the system he has developed to assess, educate patients about your findings and how you can help by providing treatments that are customized for each individual’s challenges.

David is avalable for your questions during this live interview via streaming audio online or over the phone Wednesday, October 28th at 8PM EST. Go to www.worldmassageconference.com and sign up today for notification on the broadcasts and to view the scheduled training call information.

This broadcast is entitled “Headaches: Types, Triggers and Treatment”.