Finding Employment as a Massage Therapist – Hire Me!

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By: David Kent LMT, NCTMB

At the end of my seminars, I ask attendees to fill out a brief performance-review survey. The final question asks what therapists believe is the biggest challenge facing the massage industry. The question usually elicits a wide range of responses; however, at a recent seminar, the response was overwhelmingly the same: “finding a job.”

This article will review some simple but proven techniques to help tilt the scales of successful employment in your favor. Remember: There is a difference between knowing what to do and doing what you know. Your time and energy are valuable and must be spent efficiently. So why not take the time to ensure that you stand out above the competition?

Have a plan. Before you do anything, create a written plan so that you will stay focused on your goal. Generate a list of the spas, clinics, and chiropractic and medical offices that you would like to visit. Contact them ahead of time to determine if they are hiring; then ask each prospective employer about the qualifications they seek in a therapist. This information will help you narrow your search.

Put yourself out there. There is a common saying: “You will miss every opportunity you don’t take.” This might seem obvious, but you need to hit the ground running and not stop until you find a job. You might have had a couple of great interviews; you might think you have the job “in the bag,” so to speak. But until you’ve been officially offered a position, nothing is certain. Continue to seize every opportunity until you’ve found the job you know is right for you. Additionally, contact local massage therapy schools, instructors and associations and ask to be added to their email blasts announcing new jobs in the area.

Get informed. Before meeting any potential employer, do your research. Read the company’s ad in the phone book and visit their Web site. Learn the company’s history, read the staff bios, learn what services are offered, and research any other information that you might need to know for an interview. A common interview question is: “Why do you want to work here?” Researching the company ahead of time will prevent you from being caught off guard, intimidated or unprepared, which will ultimately help you to market your skills, experience, strengths and interests more precisely during an interview.

Printer friendly version of Finding Employment as a Massage Therapist – Hire Me!