Fitness Center

One of the hardest things we can do is acquire a customer. But once we sign up that member, keeping them over time can be just as hard – yet makes all the difference in sustaining a thriving business.

What can we do to get more people to enroll in – and benefit from – our program? Give them a unique value-add, something that sets our business apart from others.

A postural assessment is a fast yet powerful way to build a client relationship – not only getting them closer to YES, but also laying the groundwork to keep them enrolled over the long run.

It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to understand that the more consistently a member works out, the more likely they are to continue. There are two ways to cultivate that virtuous circle:

  • SEEING the results with our own eyes
  • AVOIDING and HEALING pain and injury

If we can just get those two things to happen consistently in our business, it unlocks the pathway to ultimate success.

When a member sees pictures, it makes them truly believe. Using the right posture grid chart showcases a number of things: progress, accountability, professionalism. Most importantly, the before and after photo provides a source of motivation.

It becomes a problem when somebody gets injured, or reactivates an old injury: they often stop working out, and the break in routine increases their likelihood of dropping out altogether.

We need easy and effective ways to get explosive bang-for-the-buck. Something that seems “magical” can be simple common sense, with the right understanding of human anatomy. Years of pain, limited motion can be reversed. The facility, trainers, and membership achieve new heights in performance.

A Postural Assessment Grid Chart provides the ability to document progress with photos of static posture, as well as videos of range of motion and dynamic posture.

Trigger Point Charts help us pinpoint the source of pain, and are designed to bring seemingly superhuman skills to anyone who can follow a set of simple, prescribed steps. There’s no need to memorize, attend lengthy trainings, or have a huge amount of experience. Immediately, we can have an additional skill set ready to create a positive impact amongst our members.

Kent Posture Charts, Trigger Point Charts, and Joint Range-of-Motion Charts are tools that can improve overall results from Day 1. They’re designed to be a cost-effective way to meet all of our assessment and treatment needs while helping to operate faster, more efficiently. This combination creates exceptional value, helping us achieve greater member satisfaction, enhance productivity, and increase revenue. Most importantly, we end up with satisfied, life-long evangelists who thrive under our guidance. People ask our customers “What’s the secret?” and they recommend us. In turn, we’re able to sustain our business through increased cash flow as we help more people.