Force equals Mass times Acceleration: Creating action in your life

By David Kent, LMT, NCTMB

In the massage profession, Mass stands for us—the massage therapists, the mass of the profession. And as a profession, our numbers (mass) are large. Just as we comprise a mass, there is an even larger mass of people desperate to learn more about the benefits of massage through research. Studies indicate that people would benefit from receiving regular massage therapy. In fact, there are plenty of people out there getting massage and not disclosing it to their medical providers because the medical profession still has not fully embraced massage as an adjunct to healthcare; this is, in part, because research remains in short supply.

We see daily the life-changing results massage has on our patients. But we need more industry research to validate our knowledge and draw even more of the masses to massage. While we’re certainly making progress in the field of massage research, we would definitely benefit from more. There are many other professions with far fewer people, yet whose research base is more widely encompassing than that of the massage industry. If industries with a smaller number of professionals can produce a steady flow of research, then we in the massage industry—a profession large in number—should also be able to produce a more influential research base.

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