Practice Building with Patient Self Care Tips

Our patient’s lives are affected, on many levels, by their pain. They spend a lot of time and money receiving treatment and are looking for the best return on their investment. Building a successful practice that stands out from your competition includes providing self-care tips. Patients need to know how to care for themselves between treatments. They appreciate, respect and recommend your practice when you deliver useful information that is easy to understand and implement into their daily lives. This video series provides suggestions for delivering self-care tips.

David Kent presents Practice Building Tips with Patient Self Care

Tip 1 | Modeling Successful Patient Education Strategies

Tip 2 | Educate Patients with Postural Analysis

Tip 3 | Gait Assessment and Patient Education

Tip 4 | Movement and Range of Motion (ROM)

Tip 5 | Ice and Patient Education

Tip 6 | Topical Analgesics | Patient Information Packet with Sample

Tip 7 | Gift Bag filled with Samples and Patient Information