Flip Chart – Trigger Point – 2nd Edition

The most comprehensive myofascial trigger point pain referral flip chart on the market.

Joint Range of Motion / Muscle Movement Chart
  • Joint Range of Motion & Muscle Movement – Kent Wall Chart
  • 3 Pages group joints and muscles by region: Head & Neck / Trunk, Upper Extremity and Lower Extreimity
  • 24 Joints
  • 77 Movements
  • Degrees of normal Range of Motion (ROM) shown
  • Pages and Columns color coded for quick reference
    The Muscle Movement chart works with Trigger Point charts to pinpoint pain referral patterns caused by movement or range of motion. Great for those hard to assess cases where the patient doesn’t even know where it hurts. Muscle Movement chart is included in the Trigger Point Wall Set and Flip Chart.
Large / Wall – Posture Analysis Chart

The Postural Analysis Grid Chart is an assessment, documentation and patient education tool.

Space Saver / Door – Postural Assessment Grid Chart

Designed to fit on a 30 inch wide door with space for the handle and hinges. The perfect solution for a room with limited available wall space.


Sale! Trigger Point Charts (5 Chart Set)
Trigger Point Charts (5 Chart Set)

The Kent Trigger Point Wall Charts are the most comprehensive on the market.

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